Scenic Arts in Communication is a cultural cycle conceived in the long term that transits new paths in the field of performing arts and humanities. For this reason, we would like the executive production of the plays to be in charge of those who consider our objectives as their own. 

Launched as a volunteer project, it has been able to continue its important work thanks to the generosity of crowdfunding and contributions from people who also want to turn societies into better places to live. 


None of us could even imagine that Scenic Arts in Communication would cause this resonance: we were approached by human rights organizations and our project was recommended in different institutions related to social art and inclusive culture, all of which gives us huge responsibility. 

If you feel like our project is important, you are welcome to support us. Your money will go towards maintenance of our website, artistic production of the plays, a partial compensation to the artists involved, and travelling, to make our objectives happen. This project is for the entire humanity. It is not and it is never going to be working for profit. We need the money just so we can continue doing what we do.

We invite you to be a part of this proposal, collaborating with the development and expansion of the Scenic Arts in Communication cycle. Your contributions will be immensely valued and forever appreciated.

Scenic Arts in Communication was inaugurated in the Alliance Française of Buenos Aires in 2015 and until now it has performed in Argentina and France. From 2019 on our tour continues in Europe. Thank you for your precious participation in the accomplishment of our objectives. 


This cycle is sponsored by: French Institute - Embassy of France in Argentine - Alliance Française of Buenos Aires - Embassy of Argentine in France - Anne Frank Museum in Argentina - DanzaNet Magazine